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LakeSprings acts as an umbrella for the various activities of the Verhaeghe family, from real estate and value investing to football and the non-profit sector. The common thread running through all these activities is a focus on long-term thinking and entrepreneurship.


There are many different aspects to entrepreneurship. LakeSprings is active in real estate development through its subsidiaries (such as Uplace) and real estate investments, as well as being involved in value investing and holding participating interests in promising companies. But LakeSprings is just as active in the world of football with Club Brugge, and aims to improve the quality of life in the community by supporting a number of non-profit organizations.


LakeSprings is much more than an investment group. The family-owned holding company not only participates financially in its partners but also assists them in words as well as in deeds. They can count on strategic support, legal and financial advice, guidance in communication and PR, and assistance with their corporate governance. LakeSprings supports its companies, whether it is with risk analysis in a new investment, in order to deploy the scarce company resources in the best way possible, or creating a strong legal framework or in setting up solid financial reporting. The holding company also actively coaches the participations in the recruitment of and keeping suitable personnel motivated. LakeSprings also actively searches for synergies and encourages the exchange of best practices within the group. That way, one plus one makes more than two.


Family holding companies play an important economic and social role. With their focus on the next generations, long-term thinking is a central theme for them,. That is crucial to LakeSprings in all activities. The holding company is distinguished by its consistent focus on sustainability and quality. Investments have a horizon that extends further than today. This different way of doing business is also reflected in other fields, such as football. No lucky strikes, but only sustainable successes built on solid foundations.

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