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Real estate development

Through its majority participation in Uplace LakeSprings remains true to the sector where it all started: property development. Uplace wants to create innovative real estate projects. Unique locations that combine different functions: housing, offices, retail, food & beverage, leisure opportunities and ‘green lungs’. The all-in-one concepts, which fit well into their general surroundings through their design and varied content, meet the needs and requirements of the residents and the area. With their innovative and sustainable character, Uplace projects offer added value for the whole community.

Kasteel van Bever, Strombeek-Bever

Real estate investments

The Real Estate Investments division is responsible for the management and maintenance of the LakeSprings Group's real estate portfolio and for actively seeking new property investments. Among other things, it owns the magnificent Bever Castle, the headquarters of Uplace and the Anticancer Fund.



Redwoods Capital invests in listed stocks. The investment company does this according to the principles of value investing, a hyper-rational way of investing and looking beyond the hype and emotion of the stock market. Value investing is a perfect match for LakeSprings’ vision and mission, because it focuses on the foundations of a business and looks beyond the issues of the day.

Male Scientist

Fagus Invest manages investments in non-public, promising businesses, run by talented entrepreneurs. One of these investments is the one in Droia, a company which supports promising new technologies. Through its participation in Droia, Fagus Invest enables research into promising cancer therapies.


Club Brugge

LakeSprings is the main shareholder of Club Brugge. In 2011, Bart Verhaeghe took the helm at the club close to his heart, the club he supported as a child.

Together with Vincent Mannaert, he expanded Club Brugge into a modern club with a transparent structure and a professional organization. They were a breath of fresh air for the Belgian football scene, and modernized the club without tampering with its soul.


No Sweat, No Glory.


These firm foundations form the DNA of Club Brugge, which is described in the ethical code for all employees, partners, supporters, players and everyone else involved with Club Brugge, The DNA form the basis for the series of sporting successes.


Non-profit logo's_IT-CBF-AKF-VL.jpg

Bart Verhaeghe is the co-founder and chairman of the Itinera think tank. Itinera aims to consider the great social issues of tomorrow and the directions that Belgium needs to take. With experienced, respected experts in fields such as the labor market, migration, pensions and energy, Itinera aims to contribute to the social debate. It does this in a constructive way, not by shouting from the sidelines, but by making practical policy recommendations based on in-depth analysis. Facts and figures are at the core. Since it was set up in 2006, Itinera has been an authoritative voice in policy making. Thanks to the support of entrepreneurs, businesses and families, the think tank can operate with complete independence.  LakeSprings is one of Itinera’s financial partners.


The Club Brugge Foundation organizes projects that promote the social integration, health and education of mainly disadvantaged groups. Club Brugge takes on its responsibility to society by using the power of football to benefit society in general..

The Verhaeghe family also supports the Anticancer Fund, partly by providing office space for the fund since its inception in the grounds of  Bever Castle.

In order to continue to safeguard Flemish entrepreneurship in the future and help to prepare a new generation of entrepreneurs, Bart Verhaeghe supports the Student Entrepreneurship Fund of Vlerick Business School.

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